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How long will aggressiveness be tolerated between baseball players

Gloria Machado León 29 agosto, 2017

The National Baseball Series in Cuba have become a battlefield, with exaggeration and everything. This has motivated diverse criticisms by different means of press. But those who have to «put the bell to the cat» do not do what our national pastime needs.

Recently the Granma newspaper, an organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, published a commentary signed by the journalist Aliet Arzola Lima, with the title Between expulsions and sanctions, which reflects the above. The reporter reports that twelve members of different sets have ended up in showers before the limit. Among them, some that I always saw very even and balanced their decisions.

Actually when I read the journalistic work I was alarmed, but then I called myself to reflection, conceiving that what we see in sports, in this case baseball, is nothing more than a reflection of what we are seeing in our society.

A palpable example we have when boarding a bus, when visiting a recreation center, when attending an establishment to buy a product, anyway, the aggressiveness is around the corner. So, if that’s the case, how can we expect our ball games to go by without that ingredient.

I think that we must first stop the aggressiveness in everyday life and then transpire it to the rest of society. How and when? That answer I do not have, but I am sure there are people with enough level to control that scourge.


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