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A plan for conserving the city

Gloria Machado León 30 agosto, 2017

The area prioritized for conservation in the master plan of the Conservative Office of the City of Matanzas comprises most of the historic center, from Pavia Street until 2 de Mayo street, and from Narvaez to Manzano. This area is National Monument since 2013.

The first thing that was implemented were public spaces, which until now did not have the city yumurina. These are Plaza de la Vigía, Calle del Medio and Calle Narváez, which are closed to traffic.

For Plaza de la Vigía, where the 325th anniversary of the foundation of Matanzas will be celebrated, there is a remodeling project that will also count with the culmination of the Sauto theater and the building of the former Palace of Justice.

In the latter will be located the Office of the Conservative, which will have in the central courtyard the model of the city, a cafeteria and an office system. In addition, work is being done on the projects of the Athens cafeteria, the Fire Department and the Palacio de Junco museum.

According to Leonel Pérez Orozco, City Conservator, Calle del Medio will be the commercial pedestrian corridor and will include in its structures: cafeterias, restauran: cafeterias, restaurant, traditional shops and a more logical business order.

The kiosks that are there will be reorganized towards the old warehouses of the Esquimore house, in Narvaez, where the Craftsman’s Square will be established.

“This place is a gigantic ship that will welcome the retailers and sellers, where they will offer their products. From that moment all will be established for a better location of the customer, “said Pérez Orozco.

It is planned to eliminate the parking in front of the Cathedral Square to convert that street into a pedestrian promenade. Regarding the actions that will be carried out in the Liberty Park, he added:

“In this square will be made an ornithological sanitation, by placing lights in the trees, which birds can not see, but feel, which will represent a situation of danger to them and so they will move. Likewise, the concrete of the park will be cleaned and the plants that are in poor condition will be changed. “

In order to maintain what was achieved in the city, a school of trades will be created, in which its graduates will be placed in a restoration and conservation brigade to maintain the patrimonial values and to contain the degrees of deterioration of the real estate, product of the passage of time, of The action of man and the inclemency of time.

This institute will be located in the old primary school Zamora Quero, in the street Jovellanos, between Milanés and Contreras. From here students will come to join a plan that will begin to conserve the city.



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