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Virama has her flower

Gloria Machado León 30 agosto, 2017

A road full of trees and fire ants welcomes the Virama estate. Behind is the rugged road full of dust and oblivion. When entering the gate the temperature goes down and in the middle of this lost nature is Teresa Rodriguez with her noble eyes of venerable old woman.

He began as a veterinarian, but for many years he has been dedicated to livestock and fruit production. In all Cardenas is known and although the property in papers belongs to her husband, when someone is going to indicate the address always says the estate of Teresita.

She is seen agile and willing to this associate of the Credits and Services Cooperative Alfredo Gómez. In some way he does the work of the field and the home. Among all these tasks gives you time to show off your farm and prepare a refreshing mango juice.

It has exactly one cavalry, ten cows and 0.13 hectares dedicated to the fruit trees. It has exotic fruits such as cashew and a flock of mosquitoes depending on the season.

                                                                                       The cashew

In addition, he inherited a stony, eroded and some irrigated soil between the drip system and the aerial. However, amid adverse conditions the septuagenarian knows how to take advantage of natural resources and apply agroecology.

It shows its advances in the processing of worm humus and in the so-called compos, which is nothing more than crop residues. It has 300 coffee plants between the Brazilian and the Creole. In addition, it protects the soil from the impact of the sun and rain.

The drought left its havoc, but the animals had food secured between the kingrás and other plants.

Irrigation system.

However, their greatest satisfaction is when students of Agronomy visit the farm. Then she becomes a teacher and teaches how much she knows about work in the country. And it stands without vanaglorias a recognition that brought him from the University of Matanzas.

He needs resources, it is true, but it is also true that he donates about 1,200 pounds of mango each year to a primary school and home. Her farm declared her this year as agroecological, although Teresa Rodriguez knows that she has much to do.

She does not know the reason for the name of this place that is associated with a peasant tradition. However, visitors will discover that Virama has its flower.

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