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Colors of the Caribbean to paint Latin American integration

Gloria Machado León 5 septiembre, 2017
The provincial branch of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba in Matanzas hosted the inauguration of Nebulosa, a representative sample of the work of the Dominican artist based in the United States, Félix Dicló.

An exquisite vision and subtle brushstrokes on the canvas gave rise to this selection of pieces born to the strength of the culture of the Caribbean, as a reflection of the history of independence struggles that were forged under its womb, its idiosyncrasy.

«Beginning with the colors, the technique, everything is Caribbean. Nostalgia for my homeland induces me to paint. The distance between the Dominican Republic and the northern United States, where I live, is impressive.

«In my present residence, the colors are very cold, as a reflection I think of their personality, while in my land we use the five positive colors: red, blue, black, white and yellow, which are strong, warm. Essentially, I’m Caribbean. «

The explosion of color feeds these reproductions, whose originals were created to be displayed in Cuba. In Nebula «abstractionism appropriates a very own figurative breath in constant communication with nature and the human body as main characters,» valued art critic and curator Idania Álvarez Ortega.

It is the artist’s own desire to transmit intuitive images through a dialogical universe that transcends criticism, concepts and borders, said Javier Alfonso, the Venezuelan sculptor based in the United States. «I’m surprised the way Felix has crossed certain limits. He has done many different series figuratively and in other types of format, although oil on canvas is the technique he enjoys most.

«I remember the moment very well when he began to work on this series and he told me that he would try to create without preset ideas and that caught my attention. I have seen this work grow, it is very exciting to accompany him to show this gift in Cuba.

«It’s amazing how he creates images with the brush and the impression of his fingers, he hardly employs brushes and that gives him a very distinctive personality to his work. Within his career painting this kind of abstract right now is very special. «

Highlight in this sample the mastery of the use of color through the constant replay between shades and shades, lights and shadows, creating suggestive pictorial representations.

The keen interest in offering his talent in Cuba was essentially due to an expression of gratitude because «in the Dominican Republic we received much help from Cuba. In fact, when cyclone David affected my country, the first support that came was a Cuban ship.

«When I became an artist I wanted to share what I have, my art, with the Cuban brothers who gave us so much help. What impresses me the most is the people, the warmth, how he receives you, embraces you, shares with you what little he has, he listens to you. «

The techniques, managed with masters, swirl unique experiences that announce and put to dialogue the distinctive characteristics of the Caribbean cultural force. Thus, this first intention will create new exchanges in favor of the cultural growth of the peoples of the region, especially in Matanzas and Rhode Island (E.U.U.U.).

«The phase began already in the year 2013 when the playwright Jesus del Castillo won the prize of a theater competition in Providence with the work Deporte Nacional. We are closing the ties between the island of Cuba and the state of Rhode Island.

«In the next meeting we must already sign contracts with the UNEAC Matancera for that purpose. The expectation is that the artists there come to share their work in Cuba and that the matanceros also give us their creative excellence in the United States.

«Somehow we have to start and look for ways of constant communication with Cubans. There is no better way for it than through art and culture. «

Strength and visual impact, imagination and creative talent are inherent to Nebula. «I’ve known Felix for 10 years. The fact of being artists, of living far from our countries of origin has united us. He has been a primordial part in my growth as an artist, he accompanies me in every new project although I deal with stone carving and not painting. Undoubtedly, he is an excellent mentor, «recalled Alfonso.

Meritorious is the work of Félix Dicló in the well-achieved technique of composition, the selection of colors representative of the tropical climate and the mastery of the instruments, elements that attribute harmony to it as a primordial feature of the series.

The sample of the Dominican Felix Dicló represents an example of the interests of cultural reciprocity of Matanzas with other regions of the world, like preamble of future exchange actions.

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