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Cultural institutions are prepared in Matanzas in case of hurricane danger

Gloria Machado León 7 septiembre, 2017

The terms tropical cyclone or hurricane are not foreign to those living in the Caribbean. Given the characteristics of the geographical area in which Cuba is located, the periods between the arrival of these meteorological phenomena in the country are relatively short.

The largest of the Antilles is constantly threatened by these systems. Global warming and the consequent rise in surface temperature are the perfect fuel for their formation and development.

Although the perception of risk in the Cuban population has grown in recent years, especially due to the occurrence of hurricanes, floods or sea penetration, thanks to the consolidation of the prevention culture, the level of personal and collective preparedness is still insufficient to potentially highly destructive hazards.

In Cuba Civil Defense aims to protect the people and their property, social, cultural and economic institutions from natural disasters. The actions of this body are aimed at educating, preparing and training the population and state agencies for confronting and reducing risks, actions that have taken place in Matanzas since the establishment of the information stage.

Although life is generally quiet in the province, cultural institutions begin to work on the basis of preparations to reduce the negative effects of the powerful hurricane Irma in Matanzas, whose action, directly or indirectly, will affect the territory.

In keeping with the priority of safeguarding cultural heritage, museums, libraries, galleries, cinemas, recreational and cultural centers of all kinds ensure the structures of their buildings, put their resources in good shelter and keep their workers informed about the trajectory and development of this meteorological system that, since early hours of Tuesday reached category 5.

Measures are also taken to reorganize the cultural proposals programmed at these institutions, including presentations at the Circuba International Gala in Cuba, whose latest functions, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Varadero Amphitheater, were suspended, although the presentations are kept at the Velasco cinema, in the city of Matanzas, today and tomorrow from 9:00 p.m.

Matanzas cultural institutions are developing actions to prevent damage in the face of the imminent danger of the powerful hurricane Irma in the territory.


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