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To be a good referee you have to live for that

Gloria Machado León 25 septiembre, 2017

On September 25th is commemorated one more anniversary of the death of the outstanding national referee Amado Maestri and it is time to remember then those who for their work are always under the magnifying glass of respectable, who always criticize them for their decisions, whether fair or not.

In Matanzas stands the name of David Garcia, who is more than 15 series imparted justice in our national classics.

How did you start in this profession?

«I began with 28 years of arbitration as a volunteer, sometimes in the Rayonera, in the Hershey center, in the second category, in schoolchildren and juveniles.

When does it reach our National Series?

«I spent several national courses for the arbitration commission and then several national youth and school, in 1984 I started my career already in the first category.»

What memory do you have of that time?

«There are several memories, fundamentally I come to mind in a match in the Matanzas sugar league against the Lincoln, in Havana, where I tarted Lázaro Terry and gave no hit to the team of the capital. I directed a game in Latin American, that the commissioner of the judges was not going to let me work because I told the mentors and players that the one who came to discuss throwing it; Today I realize that it was an immaturity of the time I lived, but the stadium is always impressing and did not want problems.

I have been a checker, what memories have I had since that time.

«The referees are sometimes a little stubborn and the job of the checker is to make him see when there are bad counts, bad moves and that helps them. I was very demanding, but in the end they thanked me because they knew that deep down they made better. »

What do you think of Cuban arbitration today?

«Today I do not like it, it lacks professionalism. Yesterday, for example, in a game I saw a referee laughing with an assistant and that in my day was not allowed.Today I see that there is too much talk with the players, with the coaches and the good referee imposes his law with right decisions and the respect to the work of a long time. »

What should a good referee have?

«Personally it should be decent, have ethics, personality, studious rules, in short, live for that.


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