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Architects from Matanzas against climate change

Gloria Machado León 3 octubre, 2017
October is a month of commemorations. Established by the International Union of Architects in 2005, the first Monday of October marks the World Day of Architecture in order to remember the collective responsibility of these professionals for the future of our cities and settlements.

Likewise, World Habitat Day is remembered every day of this month, established by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization, so that men have a place where they find peace and dignity, without economic or social barriers.

Half of the world’s population lives in cities and has become the most important medium for human beings. On this date, the rights to decent housing, basic services, education, justice, security and, above all, the possibility of living in harmony with the environment are defended.

This year, the day will be held under the motto ACTING AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE.

“The national board of the Union of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba (UNAICC) has proposed a plan of activities of which we have chosen some topics to develop, among them, to attend, advise and diagnose at no cost to people from the urban area affected by Hurricane Irma. We will visit works affected to carry out works of cleaning and beautification. Talk about vulnerabilities, vocational orientation campaign, conferences and technical visits, “said Yimara Lavastida Hernández, president of the Matanzas Architecture Society.

The collective yumurino at this time wants to congratulate all the entities and people who safeguarded the lives of the citizens and those who still work to give back their houses.

Also, the Community Services Company and the patrimonial education project of the Office of the Conservative who at the moment carry out a children’s drawing contest with the theme: How do you see your city?

The period of celebrations culminates in the country on October 30th, but in Matanzas will extend until November 8th to come to remember also the Day of Cities and Urbanism.

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