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For Eide school, Irma is just a bad memory

Gloria Machado León 5 octubre, 2017
The Eide Luis Augusto Turcios Lima recovers from the battles suffered by Hurricane Irma, although there are still affectations.

On the subject we spoke with Luis Roberto Ramos, deputy sports director of the entity:

«The pool suffered a lot of damage, but we are taking the Aurelio Janet Atheneum as an alternative to continue the training of water polo, swimming, synchronized swimming and diving.»

We know that table tennis, cycling, sports shooting and canoeing are the best-performing sports in the province, although the latter two are not practiced at the center, what impact did these disciplines have?

«Although they did not have great damages, the nautical base, for example, had an affectation in the cover of the infirmary. Table tennis maintains the base of preparation with 10 talents of the national school and in general the conditions are ready to continue the course with total normality. «

What strategy did they design to replace the training plans of the different disciplines lost by the passage of the atmospheric phenomenon?

«From the discussion of the training plans each sport was readjusted, and as a fundamental measure was insisted on the double section of work, we need to catch up.»

The sports center is back to normal and today will focus on the process of the Pioneer elections, after hosting a massive gathering of parents this Wednesday. The purpose of Eide Matancera is to improve results in the last edition of national high-school games.

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