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Raw Materials, a dream of almost six decades

Gloria Machado León 7 noviembre, 2017

Exactly 56 years ago Commander Ernesto Che Guevara created the Union of Raw Material Recovery Companies, also known as the recycling industry in Cuba. At the beginning it would be an idea that was fed by the work of the cederista and the pioneer activity, but little by little it gained support and added to the state organisms and the residential sector.

Called to recover values ​​by the Heroic Guerrilla, the initiative was erected for the purpose of processing and marketing recyclable waste. To fulfill the commission, 25 companies were organized, with representation in the provinces and municipalities.

The work of these units has allowed that annually 430 thousand tons of ferrous scrap can be reused for the production of liquid steel and its derivatives, as well as non-ferrous scrap such as copper, bronze, stainless steel, lead and aluminum, with vital importance, both for domestic industries and for export. For this concept, the country receives close to 50 million dollars.

The Commodities Recovery Company of Matanzas comes to this anniversary with greater commitments for the development of its work. Today, the industries of the province depend to a large extent on the work of this center as the main source to elaborate the productions.

From their service, non-metallic waste such as paper and cardboard is supplied to the bins and other organisms for the production of school notebooks, toilet paper and egg trays.

Similarly occurs with textile packaging, essential for the food program, and glass containers for different assortments. This allows the manufacture of products with added value, which increases the economic benefit.

At present there is a wide range of industrial waste that can be recycled with the appropriate treatment, either by Raw Materials or by the entity of origin as part of its production process, which makes it possible to substitute imports and contributes to the care of the environment.

This idea of ​​Che, just in the early years of the Revolution, was a much more encompassing vision of what could be conceived in the early days.

For the year 1961 it might be a project too dreamer, today it is a reality that is gaining momentum in the national and international context, a purpose that corresponds not only to the company, but becomes a mission in which all must actively participate. sectors of society.


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