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Strings to renew fantasies

Gloria Machado León 8 noviembre, 2017

The musical history of Matanzas has important exponents that stand out nationally and internationally. Currently there are groups that honor the cultural legacy of those who enhanced the name of the city of Matanzas.

One of them is Fantasía, a quartet that turns the keystrokes, violins and viola into the lofty and stimulating sounds typical of classical music for 29 years. Founded by members of the Matanzas Symphony Orchestra, interested in creating a different music than the one performed there, on October 20, 1988, the group of strings was created.

“It is a happy coincidence of dates because when we created the formation, whose first presentation was at the headquarters of UNEAC in Matanzas, the National Culture Day was not yet celebrated in Cuba. We tried, from the beginning, to always do our work in the best possible way, “recalled Alberto García, one of the founders and director of Fantasía.

The one that began appearing as a quartet very soon with the incorporation of the double bass, adopted a quintet format. Since then, the conception of their works and their members has varied, but their seal has remained in force for almost three decades.

A critical moment for Fantasía occurred when some of its members left the group. But, as each sadness brings a joy, that moment was very special for Albertico, since since then he began working with his daughters, graduates of the National School of Art.

“On two previous occasions we had to renovate the staff of our group. They were complex moments because of the need to establish new starting points each time the separation of one of the members happened. Twelve years ago I started working with my daughters and all my life changed, things flowed more easily. “

The entrance of Yaquelín, Maité and Tania determined the assumption again of the quartet structure, with two violins, a viola and a piano, but also the adoption of new airs. Thanks to the fresh ideas of the young musicians, the group has included in its repertoire waltzes, tangos, themes of films and proposals deeply rooted in Cuban culture, reinforced with some minor percussion instruments, which gives them a composition “sui generis”

The quality of the cultivated repertoire allowed them to record four albums, among them Souvenir de cuerdas and Milagro. Among the proposals that have been defended include mainly emblematic pieces of Cuban music and the most representative of the international classic.

“We try to incorporate as much Cuban music into our repertoire, all the genres that fit our interests, including music that is not by Cuban authors, but whose sound is reminiscent of Cuba. That has been one of our premises for 29 years. “

Fantasia goes back to the illusions lost among the notes of La Bella Cubana, by José White, and invites us to witness the sensuality of the most recognized mambos and boleros in Cuba. This variety is due to the great acceptance with which they have had in all stages, both Cuban and foreign, in which they have defended their art.

“We have been fortunate to defend our work in many scenarios of the world, with a remarkable acceptance. So much so that we went to Jamaica for a month and stayed there for two years; We have visited the United States on several occasions; We were in Spain, Cayman Islands … “

The celebration of its 30th anniversary, in 2018, will be a special joy for them and they already dream of the chords that will strike their strings. We will develop a small day that will include presentations with the mariachi Los coyotes, the group from Nuestra América and we will offer a concert of classical music.”

Alberto García, along with his daughters, has demonstrated the power of music, one that leads you to dream big, to defend illusions in adverse conditions, to always have an endless number of Fantasía stored inside a string instrument.

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