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58 years of the first voluntary work called by Che

Gloria Machado León 23 noviembre, 2017

It gathers the story that on November 23erd, 1959, 58 years ago, Commander Ernesto Che Guevara called and developed the first voluntary work in Cuba, which would remain as one of the imperishable contributions that the Heroic Guerrilla bequeathed to the Cuban people.

The historic productive day took place in the construction of the Camilo Cienfuegos School City, in the place called Caney de las Mercedes, located in the current province of Granma, where an important agricultural plan was raised at that time.

Thousands of citizens of the municipalities of that region gathered to participate in the great constructive work destined to the education of some 20 thousand children of the Sierra Maestra.

Witnesses of that event tell that hundreds of workers from Manzanillo climbed onto the more than 40 trucks sent to that place by Commander Manuel “Piti” Fajardo, then head of operations in the Sierra Maestra and director of the construction works in the City School. It was also requested to mobilize footwear workers in the area, recognized then as “the army of tirapiedras”, for the genuine way in which they faced with strikes and demonstrations the tyranny of Batista. Hundreds of peasants from the area also joined, gathering a mobilization estimated at around three thousand people.

As has been explained, Che’s main inspiration in summoning that massive mobilization was to counteract the counterrevolutionary work carried out in those days by elements in the service of the CIA who sought to disparage and discredit the Revolution in that mountainous region.

Despite his multiple occupations and responsibilities in the direction of the Revolution, from that momentous day until July 26, 1960, when the first phase of that gigantic educational work was inaugurated, the Heroic Guerrilla participated every weekend in the mobilizations made to boost the building.

A man of deep confidence in the working class, in any of the positions that Comandante Guevara occupied, he was always seen as a leader in volunteer work, in the sugar harvest, cutting cane, in industries, in the construction of important economic works. , in the loading and unloading of ports and others.

On one occasion, highlighting Che as a true example as a worker, beyond his qualities as a revolutionary combatant, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, said: “Tireless worker, in the years that he was at the service of our country. He knew a single day of rest. The statutory rest days were dedicated to volunteer work. “

Her legacy regarding volunteer work is still valid in thousands of Cubans and Cubans, who are organizing days of productive work and services to pay a well-deserved tribute to those who planted this initiative just eleven months after the triumph of the Revolution in Cuba. Island.



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