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People´s elections

Gloria Machado León 24 noviembre, 2017

We are about to go early enthusiastic and massively to the polls to freely and democratically choose those we consider most capable and with sufficient merits to represent us in the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power.

From the base structures to the province, the electoral authorities in Matanzas have been trained to guarantee elections that revalue the prestige of the Yumurinos during the successful development of the governing body’s experience in 1974.

The coming elections of the people and for the people, the only one that nominates and chooses, will be propitious moment to demonstrate once again the advantages of our Socialist democracy and in this way demolish the enemy campaigns that question our Cuban electoral system.

Undoubtedly, our genuine democracy based on deep popular, historical and patriotic roots will give renewed signs of success in Matanzas and throughout Cuba of its vitality and transparency when Cuban hands postulate and elect the 1 610 delegates that make up the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power and subsequently the process of general elections to the provincial assemblies and deputies to the Cuban parliament will be launched.

In spite of the enemy’s fallacious campaigns we will give unwavering signs of unity and unconditional support to our Socialist Revolution and to the legacy of our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and the concept of Revolution; the best tribute to the giant of Cuba on the first anniversary of his physical disappearance will be victorious elections.


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