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Sugar workers remember Fidel

Gloria Machado León 25 noviembre, 2017
More than eight thousand workers and two thousand retirees from the sugar sector commemorate the first anniversary of the physical disappearance of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, said Flor Ángel Fernández Abreu, general secretary of the Sugar Union in the province of Matanzas.

From special morning shows to exhibitions with photos of the Commander were made in units dedicated to the production of sugar.

In the Mario Muñoz plant, in the municipality of Los Arabos, a productive work was carried out to improve the offices and clean up the industry.

According to the trade union leader Flor Ángel Fernández Abreu, the best way to honor Fidel’s legacy is to start the harvest in time and each one of them, from his job, to do what he deserves.

The Cuban Revolution, in its early years, nationalized the centrals and handed them over to the people. Due to its historical, economic, political and social importance, the agro-industrial sugar production enjoyed special attention by the Commander.

Precisely on the sugar workers Fidel said: “It is difficult to find another sector that feels as much love for its industry and for its task as that of the sugar workers.”

Reason why workers reaffirm today their commitment to sugar production and with Fidel.

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