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Gloria Machado León 29 noviembre, 2017
Ten years building capacities for development, this is the motto that from the next December 5th will p
reside over the sessions of the tenth workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation CIT @ tenas 2017, event that was born in the CITMA delegation of Matanzas to be extended to the provinces of the country and beyond our national borders.

And it is that, according to the engineer Dariel de León García, president of the Organizing Committee of CIT @ tenas 2017, quality is among the motivations that this meeting still generates among scientists, technologists, producers and innovators.

«It is the quality for the technical level of the spaces created for the event and for the presentations that will be published in the memoirs of this workshop. All this is the result of the demands of the public that is interested in CIT @ tenas, which, after all, is the scientific community of Matanzas, the country and some regions of the world.

«In this edition we have Colombia as a guest country and one of the conferences will be offered by experts from the Universidad Agustiniana de Bogotá, a fact that is also a challenge, because CIT @ tenas is also aimed at the exchange of experiences among scholars from different latitudes, that is, people with visions and scenarios different from ours. «

The presence of young people in the work team that prepares CIT @ tenas is, according to Dariel, another of the motivations of this tenth edition of the event.

«For me – I am also young – it is a great pride to have a team of young people to prepare this meeting born of the creativity of specialists from the CITMA of Matanzas.

«It is important because the new generations come with new ideas, drive the rest of the group, break routines that can hinder the process. And all that youth action has also led to growth in the number and quality of the projects registered at the event. «

Perhaps for this reason, adds Dariel, nothing affected the change of date of the workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation, which generally takes place in October and this time we had to postpone it for December 5-8.

«The structure that the event has today is the same as that which was conceived for October and it really surprised us that people responded positively to this involuntary change of date, because despite the individual commitments all those initially enrolled remain in the program and that It is very moving because we appreciate that you trust CIT @ tenas. «

Will this tenth edition of CIT @ tenas allow us to verify the renewal of scientific thought?

«Ten years creating capacities for development, the slogan that promotes the event, summarizes all this. Technically each edition has outperformed the other, not only in organizational matters, but it shows a higher level and quality of the presentations, the lectures that are given, because they address issues of the current context, CIT @ tenas is an ideal space to perform technological surveillance. «

This ensures the permanence in time of this scientific event, the only one of its kind that makes a provincial delegation of CITMA.

«We have been able to organize this scientific space because it is complemented with the management, which is one of the approaches we have in the Delegation. It is a very particular way of the matanceros to put science, technology at the service of all.

«CIT @ tenas is not a space only for academics, for universities or science entities, it is for everyone: producers, innovators, technologists. For any form of management, whether state or non-state, that exhibits results. «

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