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CIT @ tenas 2017: a renewed space for science and technology

Gloria Machado León 30 noviembre, 2017

Empowering the advancement of science and its application in the different spheres of society and the economy, from environmentalist and sustainable positions, constitute emergencies of the modern world.

Among the multiple examples that are developed in Cuba for the achievement of that end is the workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation CIT @ tenas, event that promotes and organizes the CITMA of Matanzas and of which Odalys García Arrieta, secretary of the provincial union of the sciences noted.

«With this event the integration of the unions that have double affiliation is achieved, that is to say those that have a branch union and at the same time they are in the one of the sciences. An example of this is in the agricultural and livestock sectors, since their work linked to the production of food – a priority task in the country – also has a strong scientific-environmental component.

«Every month in the assets held in the Provincial Union a workshop on CIT @ tenas is held. There each one of the secretaries exposes and explains who are the workers of each one of their centers that are going to participate in the event. This also allows us to stimulate our affiliates with the presentation of their studies in journals and competitions related to the subject «.

Reasons why the 2017 Organizing Committee of CIT @ tenas each year strives to design a more attractive and comprehensive program. The young Elena Bon Torres, member of that team, detailed it.

«As announced, the sessions of the event will begin on December 5 at the University of Matanzas with a program of lectures given by doctors of science, master’s degrees and recognized professors of the centers of Higher Education in the province.

For the morning of the second day of activities, the colloquiums were reserved for topics related to climate change and technologies for adaptation in coastal areas: experiences and challenges, the experiences of the publishers of scientific journals in the higher education system, as well as advanced and sustainable manufacturing.

«During the afternoon the technological services panels will be carried out in the ecological restoration of coastal ecosystems, contributions for the growth and development of food production and Open Access and its communication strategy for the dissemination of science».

«The inauguration of the exhibition 45 years of science in higher education in Matanzas will welcome the work sessions of days 7 and 8 that will address the issue of science, technology and the environment in panels , workshops, round tables and the presentations that the delegates will present to CIT @ tenas 2017 «.

The diversity and quantity of programs to be developed in this edition of the workshop, Elena explains, leads us to glimpse its success.

«CIT @ tenas 2017 is going to be a total success because we have worked mainly on the basis of the details that the participants of previous meetings pointed out to us, we have tried not to repeat ourselves, to look for new topics and others that are not so much but due to their importance they deserve to be but with updated concepts. «


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