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Fidel and the EPICA

Gloria Machado León 30 noviembre, 2017

The Caña de Azúcar Experimental Station (EPICA), in the municipality of Jovellanos, has the third largest germplasm bank in the world with 3429 sugar cane forms and hybrids.

«However, the three visits of Commander Fidel Castro Ruz to this scientific center, constitute the highest honor received by researchers, technicians, administrative staff and workers of the institution,» stressed its director Yosel Pérez Pérez

The presence of Fidel in the EPICA meant a lot from the social and scientific field.

«The Commander visited the center for the first time on November 4, 1962, at that time he made a diagnosis of the area and exchanged with residents and researchers. The second visit was on January 30, 1971, on that occasion he contributed fixed assets as vehicles that are still preserved. «

However, the most important visit of the Leader of the Cuban Revolution was on March 30, 1971.

«It is the most significant because Fidel went with a group of researchers to the variety studies and selected 50 clones. Of those only one of the clones came to commercial, however we retain the full selection. «

The Commander, promoted a scientific revolution in the entity that became social.

«This community is thanks to Fidel, because he promised a group of conditions to the workers and he fulfilled it, in fact he designed 60 homes.»

Also, the researchers who met the Cuban leader in the three moments still work at the station.

«Those of us who had the privilege of receiving Fidel, exchanging criteria, listening to his reflections and suggestions, treasured a high level of encouragement, which motivates us to continue advancing along the difficult path of sugarcane research,» said Antonio Chinea Martín, Ph.D.

The Experimental Station of Sugar Cane «Antonio Mesa Hernández» of Jovellanos, today Provincial Sugar Cane Research Station (EPICA) in Matanzas was founded on May 12th, 1947. For six decades, it has excelled in obtaining new varieties of cane.


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