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The maturity of the 26 de Julio Movement

Gloria Machado León 30 noviembre, 2017

The uprising of November 30th in Santiago de Cuba marked the maturity of the 26 de Julio  Movement in the Eastern zone. That feat headed by Frank País García, would support the landing of the Granma that had sailed 5 days before from Mexico.

This was the second revolutionary fact, after the Moncada in July 1953, that with the thunder of the rifles and the will of women and men willing to give everything, they would guarantee the agreement made by Fidel for the arrival of the expedition members to the island.

Sixty-one years have elapsed since olive green uniforms, worn by almost 200 young people who raised the morale of revolutionary fighters, were seen for the first time on Cuban streets.

Santiago de Cuba, was taken for a few hours, as the forces of tyranny withdrew to their barracks. Various actions were carried out, but the most complex was the assault on the National Police Station, where Pepito Tey, Tony Alomá and Otto Parellada died.

Although this uprising had its maximum expression in that city, the actions were part of a national plan designed by Fidel.

Also several territories of the country were the scene of operations. The contribution of Matanzas was modest but very valuable and included the interruption of the water pipes that supplied the Rayonera, they cut the telephone, telegraphic and electrical lines of several points of the province.

Commissioned by Frank País, they manufactured the media that counted with the brigades that fought in the streets of Santiago de Cuba.

-The Matanceros remembered today the 61st Anniversary of the Uprising in Santiago de Cuba

Today, matanceros fighters of the clandestine struggle, on behalf of their comrades, recalled the 61st anniversary of that uprising in an act that took place in the René Fraga Moreno Pedagogical Provincial School.

Also, those present recalled the passage of the caravan with the funeral honors of the Commander in Chief for this territory, one year after his physical disappearance.

Alfredo Estévez, member of the 26 de Julio Movement, during the meeting recalled what happened during the clandestine struggle and that morning of November 30th, 1956.

Poetry, songs and a series of journalistic works were dedicated to Fidel, leader of the revolutionary vanguard and that would lead us to a more just society on January 1st, 1959.

The activity was presided over by Idobaldo Díaz Martínez, member of the Provincial Party Bureau and Mario Morales Neninger, vice president of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution in Matanzas.



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