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Agroenergy project for local development

Gloria Machado León 1 diciembre, 2017

The Agroenergy project benefits farmers in the municipality of Martí and promotes the local development of this territory in the province of Matanzas.

Funded by the European Union (EU), with more than one million euros, it focuses specifically on the mitigation of the dependence on fossil fuels in the agricultural sector and its energy deficit through the diversification and increase of renewable energy sources .

“As part of the project should be planted 200 hectares of Jatropha curcas, a plant that gives a seed from which oil is extracted to make biodiesel or biofuel, which from the energy point of view saves fossil fuel and should be used in urban transport of this municipality, “said Luis Rubén Rodríguez del Castillo, cooperation officer of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

Also, with Agroenergía, the agrotechnical, energy and environmental culture is disseminated among the inhabitants and peasants, highlights Leodanis Hernández, producer of the Ciro Redondo Credit and Services Cooperative. In his farm Maravilla Jatropha is interspersed with crops.

“I was given the opportunity of the project and it did not take long for me to get the equipment, because it was something that benefits me, because it eliminates expenses and increases production. With the same fuel that I extract from the plant, I prepare the land for other crops and thus I have integrated production without any expense. “

As part of the project, 28 fixed dome biodigesters with a daily production capacity of 0.79 MT of biogas were installed and “short” logistic chains were created in the four cooperatives for the production of biodiesel from the vegetable oil of Jatropha .

“In addition, irrigation systems were delivered by solar panels and each biodigester came with a refrigerator, lamps, hobs and pots for biogas,” concluded Luis Rubén Rodríguez del Castillo.

The Agroenergy project promotes the production of agro-fuels from biomass as a sustainable renewable energy source in agricultural systems. And the integral development of the municipality of Martí is promoted.

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