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Dream longed for

Gloria Machado León 6 diciembre, 2017

Reliving part of the history of the Greater Antillean Island closely and paying homage to Fidel was the purpose of the visit to Santiago de Cuba by workers from the Gastronomy sector of the province of Matanzas.

Without dusting the road, as did our Apostle in Venezuela, they went to the Santa Ifigenia cemetery to deposit a flower in the monolith that keeps the ashes of our eternal leader and take away the memory.

Also the most sincere respects for Mariana Grajales, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and Martí.



They continued their tour of the Moncada barracks, now converted into a school.

There they were able to appreciate graphic memories of the assailants’ belongings, the names and photos of those who died that July 26, 1953, Melba Hernández and Haydée Santamaría imprisoned, as well as the tortures they were subjected to.

The end of the journey, to call it in some way, was in the Second Front Frank País García, scene that just by seeing it draws attention.

In that space rest the remains of those who lost their lives in revolutionary actions for that wonderful environment of Santiago’s geography.

They could not stop seeing the monolith that holds the ashes of the eternal president of the Federation of Cuban Women, Vilma Espín and the space already reserved for her companion in life: Raúl Castro Ruz. (Photo 19)


Convinced that Patria is Revolution, the workers of the Gastronomy sector in Matanzas returned to their homeland, proud of fulfilling their Longed for DREAM.



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