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Delegates are trained to the Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power in Unión de Reyes

Gloria Machado León 11 diciembre, 2017
The 64 delegates to the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power in Unión de Reyes, recently elected, received the first week the first training to point out aspects related to the improvement of their functions in the community.

During the course, detailed information was offered about the duties and rights of the delegates and it was also deepened in aspects related to the main socioeconomic indicators of the municipality, the Cuban political system, the attributions and functions of the Popular Power, while it was emphasized in the importance of the activity that will develop from now on in each circumscription, among other topics of special interest.

Mayra Cepero Díaz, secretary of the municipal assembly of the Popular Power in Unión de Reyes, explained to our information services that next January the delegates will receive the second training that will expand the knowledge acquired during this stage of the process that now begins .

The preparatory space became an opportune platform for the exchange between the new delegates and those who accumulate a little more experience because in these elections they were ratified by the people.

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