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A yes for Cuban science

Gloria Machado León 12 diciembre, 2017

Fifty patients from Matanzas have benefited from the application of HeberFERON, a Cuban product patented by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba, consisting of the mixture of interferon alfa with gamma.

It is used in the treatment of several tumors, mainly in cell carcinomas of difficult to handle, where surgery causes deforming sequelae or aesthetic alterations that negatively affect the social life of the patient.

So far the hospital Faustino Pérez Hernández, from the yumurino territory and the polyclinic Carlos J Finlay, from Colón are the only centers that have experienced this assistance.

According to statements by medical specialists as of January 2018, its commercialization and use will be extended to other municipalities in the province to favor those suffering from these pathologies.

A bulb of HeberFERON has a cost of more than 200 pesos in National Currency and the complete treatment involves the consumption of 27 bulbs, through nine sessions.

Matanzas province was a pioneer in the application of the drug, since the product was in clinical trial, in 2012, with the inclusion of 37 patients.


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