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Against the Aedes Aegypti

Gloria Machado León 15 enero, 2018

Continuing preventive actions to reduce infestation rates is the call made by men and women of public health to the population of the province of Matanzas.
Preventing the proliferation of the mosquito of the genus Aedes to prevent diseases caused by this vector is the main goal of the workers that make up the antivectorial campaign in the Matanzas territory.
Executives of the sector exhort the neighbors to raise the perception of risk assuming responsible behavior from their own homes with the realization of the correct family autofocal.
The hygienic measures include the cleaning of the patios, the scrubbing of the tray of the refrigerators and the containers that store water, and the airtight covering of these vessels.
In the same way, in work centers, work must be multiplied to banish the possible breeding places that exist today in the different public establishments, especially in those that manipulate and sell food products.
Opening the doors to operators of vectors and requiring them to correctly inspect homes or public establishments is also the summons of public health managers in Matanzas to eliminate mosquitoes of the Aedes genus.


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