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Guarantees to face climate change

Gloria Machado León 16 enero, 2018

The preparation of future scenarios and adaptation to the new environmental conditions are, according to experts in the Meteorological Sciences in Matanzas, one of the guarantees to face climate change.

«We have carried out analysis of the behavior of the climatic variables from the measurements and studies that are carried out in the seven meteorological stations that we have in the province. Hence the construction of future scenarios with the nine grids in which we subdivide the Matanzas territory. This has allowed us to draw strategies according to the areas that were modeled. «

Precisions of Nilian Fernández, specialist of the Matanzas Provincial Meteorological Center, about the particularities of this investigative work that is already applied in diverse productive and social sectors.

«It is very important to understand that the climate is very inconstant, because the weather conditions that we live today are very different from those we adapt to current and future conditions. We have traveled in a very short time to a warmer, dry and humid climate. That is why it is vital that the adaptation measures adopted, the activities developed to reduce vulnerabilities, are precisely taking into account the sustainability of each program. «

In the process of implementation and advancement of this control, previous studies on meteorological measurements have been used as a determining factor, said Nilian.

«We carry out a constant consultation of the bibliographies related to these subjects, we have the studies carried out on the rise of the mean sea level, the saline instruction, the periods of extreme drought. With these elements we have reached the clients so that they understand the need to implement each measure designed in correspondence with the particularities of the regions. «

Adaptation measures that respond to the particularities of the various environmental phenomena.

«For example, in the face of a threat of scarce rainfall or intense rains, the efficiency of the irrigation system, the leveling of the soils and the physical conditioning, among other elements that converge, must be taken into account. The studies also address issues such as the availability and quality of water in the wetlands of Matanzas in the north and south, as well as in the underground basins that pay tributaries to these marshes. «

Climate monitoring has also favored the control of invasive alien species.

«In this aspect we have achieved the biological-climatic variable connection. And with that, it has been determined when the capture of species such as clary can be increased. For example, in the period of December 2015-January 2016, we were affected by the parking of several cold fronts and there was a greater reproduction of the fish that led to advance the time of capture. These variations generated an increase in the levels of production outside the planned. «

Livestock, another of the sectors that requires the application of these meteorological studies. In the Jovellanos station there were no reports of rain from October 7, 2016 until April 22, 2017. How was livestock kept in the area? What measures were implemented to protect livestock? And the specialist says that the damage is significant.

«Decrease in the potential of protein for animal production and birth rate. Increase in the optimal age for childbirth, mortality and, of course, reduction of the total density of the population, as well as the levels of meat and milk. «

Brief reference to the importance that scientific knowledge should apply to the various sectors of social and productive life in the country.


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