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Rumba, Afro-Cuban religion and art in the ways of Solomon

Gloria Machado León 25 enero, 2018

Jorge Yunior Gutiérrez Salomón is currently one of the most outstanding exponents of the plastic arts of Matanzas.

His exhibition The roads were not done alone, a reaffirmation of its close ties with Afro-Cuban religions and the development of rumba in the territory, has had a wide national and international impact.

Such is the scope of the exhibition that the piece entitled Orisha Oko has been promoted on the Internet as the Guernica of Cuba. The works that make up this proposal with which Solomon celebrates his 15 years of professional career will be transferred to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Paris.

This year the world will continue to open doors to the young Matanzas creator. «By the middle of 2018 I must travel to France to exhibit in Paris, in December I will present my work at the Contemporary Art Fair of Colombia.»

On the impact of visual selection, Amor Díaz Campos, principal specialist at the Esquerré Art Gallery in Matanzas, said that «from the very first day he had a wonderful acceptance, with a significant flow of public that was interested in visiting the exhibition.»

The presence of deities of African origin mark some connection between their visual proposals. In the case of the expo The roads were not made alone, consisting of paintings, installations, ceramics and a technique created by Solomon himself called phenotype, Oshún assumes the leading role.

«My favorite work are all. The most important piece for me is any of the ones I created. Any parent who has several children loves them all equally, when you are an artist you are like the father of your paintings and I really do not have a preference for any one in particular.

«I only highlight the presence of Oshún in my proposals for the spiritual meaning of this deity in my personal life and from now on the picture Orisha Ocum should have an important place for what it has meant from The roads were not made alone. It is the first time that I have been promoted in the world, specifically in Europe, like the Cuban Picasso, «the artist said.

Other of the canvases shown in the Esquerré gallery were Oshum Olo Olddi, the owner of the universe; The sacred mountain 1 and Yemayá Asesu. Diverse are the significations that stand out this sample, the number 155 of the author, within his artistic trajectory. «It brings together many ideas, emotions and aspirations with which I came to these 15 years of artistic life, in which I have produced more than three thousand 500 pieces, collected in more than 60 countries around the world.»

Although his work assumes various coordinates in terms of themes and perspectives within the world of culture, the artist says he will always anchor his boat in Matanzas, as this is the city that has seen him grow along the roads of art.


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