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Paper restoration course will be developed for the first time in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 30 enero, 2018
In ancient times men transmitted their experiences, knowledge and teachings through body expressions and, later, through verbal language. Evolution brought with it the appearance of paper, the printing press, the technical supports, up to the sophisticated means available to human beings today.

However, in many cases technology has not been able to supplant the role in questions of protecting historical memory. In Matanzas there are numerous examples of this, from the capitular acts of the city, some in terrible condition, the editions that still exist of the newspaper Aurora, one of the most important publications of his time in the country, or the 30 inscriptions of the Sauto theater , whose oldest dates date from the 19th century when the land was registered.

Because of the importance of the restoration and conservation of this material, prone to deterioration as a result of the passing of years, bad practices in its daily use and ignorance on how to prolong its useful life, from tomorrow several Italian professors will teach a course from the 8 and 30 in the morning, according to Carlos León Rubio, International Relations specialist in the Office of the Conservative of Matanzas.

«Thanks to the coordination of the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana and the Italo-Latin American Institute, we will have in Matanzas the paper restoration and conservation course, which has already been taught in Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba and the capital, where it started. Four professors of the Institute will teach the classes, who are also UNESCO consultants, with extensive preparation in each of the proposed topics. «

The course proposes subjects such as the history of supports for writing, the ethics of conservation and exhibition techniques, by the doctor in museology Cecilia Santinelli; the technology of paper and the causes of its degradation, by Andrea Papi, doctor in chemistry; the principles of the conservation and restoration of paper, as well as the measures for preventive care, dictated by the specialist restorer Paola Lucchesi and lectures on the criteria for cleaning and dusting books and documents.

The scientific exercise will also include sessions of practical activities. «It also includes the donation of a laboratory so that the students can develop the theoretical knowledge and, in this way, begin in our city the restoration of important historical documents on paper and other opportunities that will also provide the meetings.

«We start tomorrow and the lectures and practices will last for four weeks; We will finish during the first days of March when the course will close with a sample of the results in the restoration of original documents. We are expecting the presence of the Ambassador of Italy and personalities who have facilitated its realization. «

The restoration and conservation course will be open to specialists from different cultural institutions where documentary archives of relevant historical importance exist.

«Conservatives, librarians and other specialists from institutions that have important paper funds will participate, whose restoration is imminent or very necessary, could cite, for example, the newspaper La Aurora. We believe that some of your specimens can be restored throughout the course.

«We will count with the presence of specialists from the Historical Archive of Matanzas, the Junco Palace and the archives of Cárdenas and Colón, that is, we prioritize those centers that protect significant documentary collections that refer to our history.»

Sponsored by the Italo-Latin American Institute, the Office of the Historian of Havana and the Office of the Conservative of Matanzas, this option of overcoming opens an indispensable page to the necessary knowledge to preserve the historical and documentary memory of the city of Matanzas.

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