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Conversation with a friend

Gloria Machado León 7 febrero, 2018

A friend confessed to me that he did not talk to foreigners in the street. He does not want to be labeled a “jinetero” (people who approach tourists for profit). I immediately retorted: “On the contrary, we are the honest people who should most talk with the visitors, to show them the true image #CUBA.”

The subject interested me and I explained to him that our enemies spend thousands and thousands of dollars in defamatory campaigns against us. They speak of insecurity, diseases and other ills, with the sole purpose of harming us. For example, photos of the demolished island of Puerto Rico recently circulated on the INTERNET after Hurricane Maria and said it was Cuba. I asked him: “What is the purpose of the infamy?”

No matter how many blasphemies speak of Cuba, its people and the Revolution, life is richer than all that string of lies that circulate and from which many echo. The truth is the repeating tourists, the intellectuals who visit the nation and the international forums. Who doubts our tranquility I refer it to
inquire about the award received by our country in the Spanish Tourism Fair as the safest nation to practice tourism.

Not long ago, I pointed out, the US State Department advised its citizens to “reconsider” possible trips to the Greater Antilles. Recommendation that is nothing naive.

For your knowledge, I said, E.E.U.U. classifies the warning system by a ranking that places nations on four levels, where the first only involves “taking normal precautions” and the fourth receives the warning “do not travel.”

Cuba, one of the safest countries in the world, is located at level three and the suggestion is to “reconsider visits” because “there are serious risks to their safety and protection.” Is that malevolent classification laughable or not?

The Spanish Fair, I told my interlocutor, was inaugurated by the Spanish kings Felipe VI and Letizia. The main European and Canadian tour operators also participated, that is, it was not a “fifth category” event. There is seriousness in their postulates.

Then, I reiterated to my “partner”: “Who should exchange with tourists and foreign visitors, us or the internal criminals?”



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