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A farmer named Abel

Gloria Machado León 8 febrero, 2018

Almost in the middle of the dusty embankment that may look like Tomeguín, is the house of Abel María Rodríguez Palacio. You just have to follow the trail of the mameyes to understand that you entered the farm with the same name. And it is that this peasant hardly notice in the middle of that land where the only free and available space is the sky.

Abel is usufructuary of more than two hectares and associated with the Cooperative of Agricultural Production (CPA) Alberto Delgado Delgado, in the municipality of Perico. Throughout his almost six decades he exercised many trades, but where his soul found serenity was in hard work, that from sun to sun is done in the field.

“I started about seven years ago on this farm, everything was mountain. I am dedicated to the production of various crops, specifically vegetables, which are good for me and I have good yields. “

On the El Mamey farm there are squash, cucumber, beans, tomatoes, red pepper, corn, pineapple, banana and 17 species of fruit. Abel does not wait for the land to become idle.

“A day of mine here is more than twelve hours. To have the farm in the conditions in which it is necessary to work night and day, is no less true. Look at it, I think it’s organized and quite beautiful, all covered, a year I spend one hundred thousand pesos and if I had more land I would contribute more. “

The guajiro spent several courses at the Indio Hatuey Pastures and Forages Experimental Station, so it is not difficult to realize the agroecological management in their lands. However, old desires go around this man’s head.

“I would like you to visit me more and let the world know how much is being done in Cuba in the middle of this blockade of the United States.”

Abel is more stubborn than a mule … and starts once a week with a cart full of vegetables to deliver to the CPA. It does not understand about arrangements on the left, everything that is produced there is sold to the State.

“The attention on the part of the base organization of the cooperative is faultless, I contribute the one hundred percent of my productions, I do not have diversion of resources none, I am following that legacy that our Commander Fidel Castro left us.”

Abel María Rodríguez Palacio is not a purebred peasant, but her dedication honors that Martian phrase that if man serves, the earth also.

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