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I’m going to Calle del Medio to buy an illusion

Gloria Machado León 15 febrero, 2018

A few days ago I had to make a stay in the Calle del Medio, in the city of Matanzas, in front of the park of the cogwheel, more
exactly at the intersection of Medio and Jovellanos streets. I used the wait to ask some questions of how many acquaintances stopped to greet me. The question in question was related to what was for them this important artery of the city.

I never imagined what the Matanzas think about the busy road. I listened to the most intelligent, accusing,
comic, unhealthy, stimulating and untimely, in short, the feeling of those of us who live here on that street to which we all go «to buy us an illusion», paraphrasing our Carilda Oliver Labra.

I am going to put to your consideration some of the answers, phrases and criteria: «This a true lack of respect»; «The main commercial street of the city»; «The lie of Matanzas»; «The dirt of the Athens of Cuba»; «A boulevard in the Frankenstein style»; «Our future boulevard»; «The obligatory street of the matanceros».

So were, approximately, the answers. To those who denied the work carried out on this foundational street, he told them: Do not rush, remember that at the time there were many detractors of the viaduct and today we celebrate it, so let us hope that for the 325th anniversary our Calle del Medio will Give an illusion, wearing your best clothes.

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