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Eusebio Leal in Book Fair: “Matanzas is the city of culture” (+ photos)

Gloria Machado León 7 marzo, 2018
Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historian of Havana, received in Matanzas the warm welcome of the yumurinos. During the meeting, held in the beautiful José White Concert Hall, where the seats were not enough to receive it, the cultural institutions, artists and political and governmental authorities of the territory conveyed their gratitude on behalf of the Matanceros in a gesture of profound sincerity.

Declared in the appointment as Adoptive Son of Matanzas, Leal Spengler also deserved the distinctions La Tortola, of the Provincial Department of Culture; Book High, of the Provincial Direction of the Book and the Literature and the Forge of Spirit, of the Cultural Society Jose Martí. Very special was the first delivery of the Coat of Arms of the City, by the Office of the Conservative, a jewel made of gilded silver and enamels.

“I thank the matanceros for sharing these moments with me. Coming to Matanzas is always a great desire and I really enjoy my stays here, “he confessed and listed the beauties of the city, its identity elements and patrimonial riches, as well as the unique examples of its neoclassical architecture. “Matanzas is the city of culture,” he said, adding that “my responsibility is not only with Matanzas or Baracoa, not even with Havana alone; my problem is all of Cuba. “

Six titles of Ediciones Boloña, from the Office of the Historian of Havana, were presented at the former Artistic and Literary Lyceum of Matanzas. Eternal wisdom, Son of my time and Cuba, caught of the soul, a compendium of the splendid oratory of who, he said, “are not the result of exhaustive research, I have not had time to sit down and write.”

And we always remember Eusebio showing his ease of speech, his communicative resources and his ability to understand the human soul. “The time of the word has been my time; the word is the fundamental tool to understand men. “

For its part, Fiñe contains 50 chronicles published in Granma and Juventud Rebelde, between the decades of the 80s and 90s, in which the author pours his experiences and those of his contemporaries born in the stage in which they shared childhood.

The matanceros especially had the opportunity to acquire a book of great symbolic value such as the lost newspaper of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, a unique and important text to understand that “history is full of encounters and encounters. The heroes on which more light is emitted are those of greater shadows. We have to have a reference of light to enter the gloom because if not, we were not historians, but mere gossips of history “.

So also appeared a magnificent volume dedicated to the 75 years of Leal and the 50 of his intellectual work. It is a compendium in which the valuations of different personalities of different generations are grouped about what it means to know the man and the friend.

Mario Cremata, director of Ediciones Boloña, highlighted the privilege of dedicating the most important publishing event in the country to the Historian, whose work against the restoration of Havana is notoriously well known, but not his literary production.

On Tuesday, the Matanzas 325 opinion table was also held in Matanzas, with the participation of the Historian and the City Curator, Ercilio Vento Canosa and Leonel Pérez Orozco, and the essayist, biographer, historian and researcher Urbano Martínez Carmenate.

The specialists referred to the conditions that propitiated the economic and cultural development of which, in 1860, it became the Athens of Cuba, the projects that are executed as part of the comprehensive rehabilitation plan to restore the city’s splendor in October of 2018, when it turns 325 years old, and citizen responsibility as a determining factor for the rescue and subsequent conservation of the neoclassical city par excellence of Cuba.

Pictures of Abel López Montes de Oca

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