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Visit Minister of Culture Matanzas Book Fair

Gloria Machado León 8 marzo, 2018

With the presentation of the book Be there then. My years in Cuba 1969 to 1983, Gregory Randall, opened the headquarters of Ediciones Aldabón, editorial of the Hermanos Saiz Association in Matanzas.

The Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto Jiménez, attended the official opening of the institution and recognized the value of his work in the promotion of young literature for 20 years.

“The headquarters is beautiful, I really liked the introduction of the editorial director. The selection of the book with which they opened was very successful, which has to do with decisive moments for our history and during which they lived in Cuba.

“This becomes a new space. Its location in front of a pre-university and primary schools around is a potential because they already think about addressing the general reader but also win readers among children, teenagers and young Matanzas. It is important to create early reading habits. “

In this sense, Daniel Cruz Bermúdez, director of Ediciones Aldabón, highlighted that among the projections that the publishing house plans, it is priorities to strengthen the production of children’s literary proposals and to link more closely to the curricula of the schools of the territory. “All this will contribute to the approach from the earliest ages to the best of Cuban and foreign literature,” he said.

During the presentation of the book Be there then. My years in Cuba from 1969 to 1983, its author confessed to be proud of being the son of the Cuban Revolution. “I published this book about eight years ago in Uruguay, where I live, and it sold out. At the beginning of last year I took it to the United States in English and now I bring it to Cuba. The only objective of the text is to generate debates, that is their contribution.

“It was very gratifying to receive from the beginning the opinions of the people who identified with the issue, some in favor and others in disagreement. It is designed to discuss and the place where most wanted to be published is in Cuba because this is the audience that can really comment properly and for the foreigner tries to offer a more real and human look.

“What I can say is that this, the only book I’ve published because I’m not a writer, was done honestly.”

This volume of testimonies is a kind of generational dialogue in which, the then young American Gregory Randall, narrates his impressions about the stage in which he lived in Cuba with his mother, Margaret Randall, who published in the year 2017 Change the world . My years in Cuba, under the seal of Ediciones Matanzas.

“I wrote it humbly without any pretension so that it serves the young people. What it reflects are the memories of a child and a young man about the time. I would like many people to write because I believe that young people today need polyphonic, diverse and sincere testimonies to understand the world in which they live.

“For me it is an honor that it was Aldabón who published it and who is in Cuba.”

These perspectives, said the Minister, contribute to a more effective construction of the Cuban reality of the first decades after January 1959. Likewise, Prieto Jiménez stressed the need to keep historical memory alive, safeguarding it “not as a museum object, but as vivid and lucid experiences that allow us to better understand a decisive stage in national history “. In this lies the vital importance of literary proposals of this kind.

The headquarters of Ediciones Aldabón, located at the corner of Dos de Mayo and Milanés streets, has a bookstore, literary café, presentation room, bookbinding workshop and characterized spaces to develop conferences, talks and workshops on creation, research and literary criticism .

Likewise, its workers intend to promote the download of publications and digital books for free, thoughtful proposals, especially for the young public. On the importance of promoting the habit of reading, in any of the media, Abel Prieto spoke with writers Matanceros. The editorial of the AHS in Matanzas, today will offer the presentation of the text Fe de Erratas, the poet, editor and translator Laura Ruiz Montes, by Abel González Fagundo and the Los Grafómanos workshop.

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