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The scourge of racism

Gloria Machado León 21 marzo, 2018
The essential aspiration of the Revolution during these 60 years is the eradication in the consciousness of Cubans of any manifestation of racial discrimination. The roots of that effort are embedded in the land fertilized by the blood of the insurgent fields until reaching the Sierra Maestra and continue as one of the basic principles for the advance of socialism and the demonstration of brotherhood of the nation towards other countries of the world.

It has been a policy of respect among blacks, mestizos and whites that has postulated the action of the revolutionary government, which from the first years removed the barriers of inequality existing in laws and institutions and promulgated an ideology based on the elimination of differences by the skin color.

Many actions have been taken to wipe out these stigmas. One of them is the gradual increase of professionals, administrative leaders, delegates and deputies in the organs of Government, because without doubt, they climb by their merits and trajectory from the ranks of our people.

Although there is still little, there are traces of inequality in some entities, there are taboos within the home, as well as emerging as a hangover, positions “on the defensive” in individuals who are considered subjectively underestimated.

And comrades, if you ask me what is my opinion, I say that I do not see differences between one person or another if she is hardworking, honest, disciplined, loving with her family and with those around her and above all, capable of giving herself without limits in defense of the Homeland and of this Revolution that has dignified all as human beings.

On the World Day to Combat Racism and Xenophobia, I observe my country, with its virtues and defects. But I still look from afar at other towns, where still a real or subtle whip hits the skin of blacks, whites and mestizos, taking welts to the skin of the poor.

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