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The bully

Gloria Machado León 29 marzo, 2018
The incipient baldness of Papito -as they all call it- does not obscure the liveliness of his 30s and shorts, however, regulars at his barbershop drop the subject to, before losing a bit of hair, get the smile of happy guy resigned .

He has several trades; being a father, for example, got in the way recently. Sometimes, between client and client, a minute goes out to load your child, sketches, grins your hands, tells you words in a specially encrypted code. Then, if you still wait in the chair, come back and keep on peeling.

Mix your obligations; On several occasions he completely stops the scissors, stands face to face with the client and starts talking about his baby’s illness. It seems that he has studied it thoroughly; explains with such level of detail and passion what hydrocephalus is and the motor damage it can cause, that, even, someone one day, almost faints in the armchair.

Sometimes it takes to start a conversation with quieter clients, but, as if unable to peel a mute, it always ends up taking out a topic; You already know, with a “what partner and school what”, or a “tell me my friend and work how it is” is enough.

On Saturdays he goes to the university; It is already in the second year of Mechanical Engineering and -according- it finished clean -without the world or dragging-, the first.

He also does his electricity jobs, plumbing or whatever it takes out there; life is hard and you have to “click”, you hear him say all the time.

From Monday to Monday, Papito is, at least, a man saturated and committed to the life that he, brave, has decided to raise and assume. The hours of the barber shop – also from Monday to Monday – are adjusted to the daily physiotherapy of your child, the plans to build a house and the Calculus, children games through -clear-. The little that remains, perhaps, I use it to sleep.

Very strange if one day the whirlwind defeats him and stains his hands with chalk so that, on the blackboard of the portal, he can write “Today I do not work”. It may be that for all that they respect him so much in the neighborhood; After all, no one dares to mess with a handsome guy.

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