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A different Matanzas city

Gloria Machado León 4 abril, 2018
I live in a province of unparalleled natural, cultural and productive wealth. Matanzas is not the same as any region of the country and differs from the levels of socio-economic development achieved by similar regions in territorial extension and population. Not a few have a hard time understanding why we are different.

Neither by force of the world do I assume these lines, neither by natural of the land of the San Juan or the Yumurí; I presume that by a certain dose of common sense, identity and ethical commitment. I want to share truths of the territory where I anchored the roots and founded a family.

Matanzas advances and its people want to prosper with the fruit of their work. The authorities define objectives and priorities to lead the transformations of the economic and social model of the country in the midst of the negative impacts of the passage of time on the built heritage, the material shortages of the Special Period and the blockade, which does not leave any doubts in cataloging it. of genocide.

Terrestrial indicators show the country that Matanzas is transformed, contributes to the economy and seeks better rates of satisfaction of the needs of the people, which in its daily dialectic raises demands for growth only regulated by the offers of goods and services, prices and the usual salary.

But, at this crossroads of increasing well-being based on efficiency and of each one doing the part that touches us, there are reserves to be a territory with indicators of the economy that support the Guidelines and their implementation policies.

At the end of the first quarter of the year the province shows a surplus, higher job offers, salary / weight expenditure of gross value added (maximum) and profit before tax / gross value added weight (minimum), plus the average salary ratio / productivity is positive.

Immersed in the harvest of potatoes are collected to date about 20 thousand tons representing 60 percent of the plan, with highlight for the El Sordo, Lenin, Gispert and La Rosita units. In the first with a record of manual collection of bags of about thirteen thousand, which the workers dedicated to the upcoming union Congress.

And in that concert of needs and productive commitments the sugar producers bet for the one hundred thousand tons for the day of the Victory of Giron, advances in the sowing of cane in areas near the plants and in the broad-based system with a good performance of the forces that intervene in the preparation of land.

The territory promotes tobacco production, the collection of honey, wax and propolis, pork meat, while enhancing the organopónicos and self-supply as ways to achieve food availability and lower the cost of products closer to the possibilities of the Matanceros.

In the necessary economic base that sustains the superstructure there are unmet demands because our society is not perfect. Deficiencies persist related to transportation, the quality of services, the state of the roads, the lack of medicines, in the preparation of bread …

However, the contributions of workers in construction, tourism, oil, agriculture and other sectors that generate resources for the economy, population and social consumption are significant.

No one is surprised that in this land there is a local production of construction materials that makes it possible to build a daily house in each municipality and the recovery of affected homes after the passage of Hurricane Irma is already at 86 percent, which benefits about five thousand families.

In areas like Ojo de Agua and Pavia, more dignified homes are built for those affected by the force of nature or of certain social disadvantages that accompany human development and the role of families in the concert of the values ​​that we foster of humanism, solidarity and equal opportunities.

Other figures and you can call me exaggerated if I say that I am proud of the resurgence of Matanzas thanks to the Master Plan for the rescue of the city’s heritage, close to 325 years of existence, and of the daily stories to tell that they deserve as many pages and of hours of radio and television broadcast to show the world and the country why Matanzas is different.

The right to the truth assists me because she needs us.

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