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Being on the front page

Gloria Machado León 9 abril, 2018
Aleida, Che’s daughter, exhorted the youth to work and study in order to dominate nature, help her and continue to grow alongside her, as it meant that Che was the standard-bearer of forging a creative mentality in young people, capable of mastering the science and technique to stay ahead of the progress of the homeland.

To return to the thought of Che, so close and dear, forces us to reflect on ideas referring especially to young people, in their conception of the role that this enormous mass means in the development of the Revolution.

Wisely expressed: «The fundamental clay of our work is youth, in it we place our hope and prepare it to take the flag from our hands.»

This means that, just as they were young when the Revolution triumphed and they were able to do it, they felt confident that in the coming decades the struggle for Cuban socialism would continue.

And it indicated that for his criterion, the fundamental detail in which the youth should point the way, was precisely in the aspect of being vanguard in each of the works that competed with him.

If one observes the environment, that is what we all expect, that youth maintain their avant-garde spirit in historical moments, when they demand their creativity to advance in production, science and services.

Because, simply, the Heroic Guerrilla considered that it was a natural quality of young people, to be on the front page.

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