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The Salinero account

Gloria Machado León 10 abril, 2018

Looking through the Biographical Dictionary, Mil Criollos of the 19th century, of the historian César García del Pino, it was impossible not to notice on page 241, specifically in the age of one of the first journalists in Cuba.

From 1750 to 1859, Manuel Francisco Salinero had lived, nothing more and nothing less than 108 years.

Of him it was not said more than, in addition to cultivating a poetry never leaving the manuscripts, had served as an active collaborator of the incipient Cuban newspapers. He also founded the newspaper El Noticioso in 1818, precisely here, in the city of Matanzas, although later it would move to the capital.

In the National Library José Martí we only find his name referenced in another biographical dictionary belonging to Francisco Galano, now on page 573.

Here it is ratified that this gentleman was a rare example of longevity in what men of letters are concerned and it is added that in 1834 he retired to a mill located in Las Villas, owned by his friend, the Count of Vallellano, site where he died on December 28, 1859.

Below is literally stated: «Despite his advanced age, 108 years, he retained until the last moment his full sense, as he showed (…) calculating his age in years, months and (up to) days.»

On the other hand, on the Internet does not appear from this man another data other than his condition as founder and director of the aforementioned newspaper.

Likewise, we have asked several experienced journalists and even those specialized in history make a dismayed gesture and say they do not know, in the history of Cuba, a pressman who, like Manuel Francisco Salinero, has thrown back 108 complete almanacs and that, moreover, reach this point with such a level of lucidity.




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