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Three factories in Matanzas, three national exclusivities

Gloria Machado León 12 abril, 2018

To the relevant contribution of the aniristas associate the fulfillments in the manufacture of these essential cylinders for domestic use


The proximity of the celebration of May Day, International Workers Day, summons the merrymaking and productive commitment, two reasons that animate the days of three companies from Matanzas, unique of its kind in the country for the fabrications they make.

It is not by chance then the sustained step Matanzas maintains in the base business unit (Ueb) textile Eddio Teijeiro, the commercially known as Bellotex, which up to now satisfies the figures of covers for tobacco cover.

Subordinated to the textile company Luis A. Turcios Lima, SAREX, based in the province of Villa Clara, the industry has national exclusivity in the manufacture of blankets, among the so-called soft tissues, as well as blankets for bedding, ropes and synthetic cords, among other lines.

Bellotex satisfies the blanket plan for tobacco cover.

Bellotex satisfies the blanket plan for tobacco cover.

“As before the emulative movement called us For the paths of triumph, now has done the International Workers Day and the expected response will always deliver quality time and productions,” says Zoila León Fonseca, general secretary of the Trade Union Bureau , a woman who with her enthusiasm spreads everything.

While adorning Bellotex areas, León Fonseca takes a few minutes to ponder the contribution of men and women of a group that in 2018 plans to exceed the amount of blankets made in 2017.

According to the director, Humberto Rodríguez Alonso, the country will be able to continue with a factory with investments already approved for the spinning line, an expansion of rope production and the installation of six special looms, which will help to diversify, he said. social object.

Union and administration agree on the existence of a strategic alliance, a guarantee to advance along a path that inexorably leads to one and the other that plans are fulfilled and employees enter according to the individual and collective contribution.

A similar perception guides the days of the Cardenense joint venture of Sanitary Products S.A (PROSA), the only Cuban manufacturer of toilet paper rolls, essential in the assurances to the tourist industry and to the network of retail stores.

Only in the PROSA cardenense these rolls of toilet paper are made.

For hand towels, handkerchiefs, napkins and other items to arrive at hotels or extra-hotel facilities, more than raw material is needed, says José Morales Arango, general secretary of the Trade Union Bureau.

“Only a strong anirist movement manages to still work teams with 35 years. That is worthy of praise, “he says, while recognizing how much is done every day to prevent stoppages in productive flows, to rescue pieces that cost currency and replace imports. “You have to be in a workshop to better appreciate the creative mind of our people.”

From the so-called Athens of Cuba, Pedro Llerena Rivero converges with what was said by Morales Arango, in Cárdenas. The director of the Ueb Noel Fernández has attributed to the innovators a decisive role in reaching the productive figures of cylinders of ten and 45 kilograms, known as balitas, only exits for the country from the hands of the yumurinas.

Bellotex, Prosa and Noel Fernández are three factories in Matanzas linked by the fulfillment of productions from a province that will greet May Day with them as guarantors of how much can be done to satisfy the State’s orders.

Photos: Noryis

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