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Cuba in all the stands

Gloria Machado León 13 abril, 2018

The presence of Cuba at the Summit of the Americas constitutes the possibility of bringing to all the platforms the truth of the Revolution in the current circumstances of its economic and social development.

It is about demonstrating how the integration of our population and its government takes place in the strategy of sustaining an opinion and participatory dialogue that counteracts the dominant media discourse in the world in complete hostility with the Cuban State.

As the experts put it, in our country there is an indivisible unit that serves as a foundation for our strategy of progress and conformation of life projects.

The important thing is to use the possible platforms to highlight how the implementation of the guidelines progresses, whose objective is the quality of life, human solidarity and the well-being of the individual, the family and the community, which will lead to individual and multiple growth .

It is in production, distribution, exchange and consumption that the Cuban economy is based and in that line we have to work intensively.

That does not mean omitting the need to continue insisting on the fight against corruption, illegalities, criminal and antisocial behaviors that hinder the development of the nation.

There are no half measures, the times demand a concrete vision of the Cuban scenario and the adoption of measures and laws that lead to the advancement of what the country proposes in the short and medium term.

And that thought is exposed in Lima. Bring the truth of Cuba as a message of light to a suffering continent, which divides and collapses again «with open veins».

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