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With the power of knowledge resulting from the universities

Gloria Machado León 13 abril, 2018
The increase of the national productions and the decrease of imports constitute, in the current times, essential priorities for the Cuban economy. To respond positively to these requirements, it is urgent to deepen the government-university-business nexus.

Precisely for this reason, a meeting was held to generalize experiences among professors and researchers from the University of Matanzas and representatives of companies and entities of the province.

On this occasion the experts of the yumurina house of high studies spoke on a significant number of theses, most of them already with results in their application and others in the way of use in the area of ​​services or technical advice.

Examples of this are the well-known anticorrosive and surfactant products, as well as the roof waterproofing made with recycled raw materials.

Both contributions, born of the ingenuity and creativity of scientists from the University of Matanzas, in addition to having the required quality standards and being economically advantageous for the country, offer a more effective response than many of the products that for this purpose today the country imports. .

Hence, Armando Sanabria, provincial director of Housing in Matanzas, highlighted the experiences that are already held in the municipality of Calimete where approximately two years ago the waterproofing was applied on roofs of homes that present serious leakage problems, with excellent results.

With this product, Sanabria added, families can be reached, whose homes affected by Hurricane Irma need waterproofing, a material highly prized in the international market.

Others interested in the proposals presented were representatives of the Chain of Bread, to solve leaks in some of its units, as they said they have worked on several occasions without positive effects.

In this exchange between academics and businessmen also stood out the agreements that the Anticorrosive and Tensoactives Center of the University of Matanzas already have with the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant and the GARDIS Business Group, among others.

The motivation that led to this event of generalization led to the proposal to present at the next meeting the experiences of each agency or company to apply the theses born in the University of Matanzas.

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