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Cuban Cultural Funds contribute to the anniversary 325 of the city foundation.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 julio, 2018

The year 2018 is characterized by some celebrations regarding culture. To the anniversary 325th of the foundation of  San Carlos and San Severino city are added  the anniversary 40th of the Cuban Cultural Fund  (BFC) and the 30th  of  the creation of its main office in Matanzas, which was given the condition of  Vanguardia Nacional.

Nowadays its members have an active presence in the works that are done due to Matanzas 325 plan, explained Yamira Román, coordinator of Communications, Image and Development of the BFC.

“We have many artists that assume the rehabilitation of patrimonial places with the purpose of making the city more beautiful. Some work in Medio Street, the Pharmaceutical Museum, the Conservador office, Junco Palace Museum and the old Sabanilla station, among others.”

On October 12th ,day of the city birthday, the Cuban Cultural Fund  in Matanzas will make interesting proposals, explained  Lázaro Muñoz Moré, commercial sub-director of Matanzas Fund.

“We have dedicated some activities to the city foundation anniversary, but in October  we will develop some others  within the city that will characterize the social object of the fund and distinguish us.”

 “On October 12th in Osmany Betancourt (Lolo) studio we will give workshops about rakú  techniques and fashion parades  at night. Near there we will re-open our store, where till  up to this moment furniture are sold, with a new design. From that moment on we will trade different art manifestations.”

To celebrate October 12th a Provincial handicraft Hall was inaugurated, with 57 pieces of art selected among 70 creators of the province. The moment was the indicated to talk about its members work and the cultural work of the institution, as representative of the Cuban state among  plastic art makers  and applied in the country, precised Muñoz Moré.

In the meeting the specialists of the Cuban Cultural Fund  in the province offered materials of great importance to two institutions in the municipality,  affirmed Yamira. “To the Professional School of Art and to Gener y Del Monte  Library.

“The donation comprises catalogues made by Collage Editions with the explicit work of Cuban artists like Tomás Sánchez, David Mateo, Mendive, Zona Franca and Isla del Sur. It will contribute to wide-open bibliography for the students interested on developing their technical and professional preparation.

“We exposed  pieces of art of  Matanzas creators that were awarded in different contests in 2018 up to the moment and of great artists such as Manuel Hernández, Agustín Drake, Maya Sierra, Mariela Alemán Orozco.”

We cannot forget the work of  Juan Manuel Vázquez as founder of the Cuban Cultural Fund  .

To watch over  the quality and good taste of  productions far from worthless things,   that are sometimes, imposed  are still goals to fulfill by the Fund.

Even though , authenticity and fidelity towards  native and folk costumes  constitute a way that distinguish the work of specialists, to show to the world the real value of the Cuban Culture.


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