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“The work of Cuban doctors was asome”.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 18 julio, 2018

Abubakarr Kamara  it is a citizen of  Sierra Leona. He is 31 years old and lives in one of the poorest countries of the African continent. He is connected to Cuba by  its current work at the Cuban embassy, there; he is also bounded to a story of solidarity.

He was one of the anonymous protagonists that fought against the ébola in 2014. Kamara is not a doctor, nevertheless, as a driver of the medical Cuban brigade at that country, confess that he felt as one member of the troop of white robes.

From four years of that tragedy,  Kamara offered his testimony.


“By those days I got a call of a driver, a friend, that works for the Health Organization (OMS) by its acronyms in Spanish, because they wanted to hire drivers for doctors. At that time people was very afraid of the ébola. I took the risk and went to ask about the work, and they asked me with which team I wanted to work with British, Chinese, north-Americans. I decided to work with Cubans and they sent me to the Medical Cuban brigade.”

-Why did you choose the Cuban medical brigade?

“By its disposition to work in Sierra Leona,  and its solidarity towards Africa.”

-What meant for you to be a driver of the Cuban medical brigade?

 “It was very frightened and people felt panic everywhere in that country at that time. What I can´t  forget its  the experience I had while working under pressure and in the emergency room. Meant a lot to me work with Cubans, get me close to their culture and friendship. I was very closed to the doctor  Jorge Delgado Bustillo, who was the chief  of the brigade and Dr. Lewis, who was the second in charge”.

-Any anecdote?

“Yes…, I remember the first time I saw the doctors wearing their protection equipment in front of the Cuban journalists. It  was asome!

“There was also a sad moment, one of the members of the Cuban medical brigade died due to the malaria and was buried in Kingtom cemetery, in Freetown.”

– How was the work of the Cuban doctors in the fight against ébola?

“In few words, the work of the Cuban doctors was great. They were very active in the field. During its intervention in Sierra Leona they were at Kerry Town Clinic that was built by the British brigade. They were so ready and decided to go everywhere to fight the ébola …”

Abubakarr Kamara considered himself a very lucky man; to work with Cubans was very important in his life. From Sierra Leona, he  thanks the help of doctors in the fight against ébola . He is tied to Cuba by Africa, and a story of solidarity. 

*Thanks to Sierra Leona embassy in Cuba for its help.


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