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Renew Cuban socialism.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 24 julio, 2018

Cuba delves into paths of renewal that will enable facing challenges with solidity and concrete answers to an internal situation that needs changes and legalizations.

This conceptual and realistic disposition allows the decision making that a country takes, within a turbulent and variable international environment, to root our Cuban socialist system, of deep Martian and essences of Fidel.

With the approval of the project of constitutional reform, precisely in the first regular session of the ninth Legislature of the National Assembly of Popular Power, the path of collective, unprecedented and own consensus that has allowed to maintain the unity of the Revolution for 60 years.

Most of the articles have been modified and incorporated new, according to the phenomenology of the nation, its cultural, sociological and economic bases.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to consolidate the democratic and participatory spirit of the people towards the adoption of their most relevant laws. This step fortifies convictions and allows the masses to express their criteria and collaborate, from logical and revolutionary points of view, with future decisions of the highest leadership in the country.

It is an essential process and must be maintained at all costs, since it is already an infallible method to awaken the sense of belonging and reciprocity between the Party, the Government and the popular masses.

Close to  the commemoration of the Moncada heroical deed, Cubans are again willing to face new battles for the independence of the Homeland and the consolidation of socialism, based on a



supreme will  of social justice.

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