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Beautiful days those of Cuba today.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 26 julio, 2018

Beautiful days make grow the ideas of José Martí and Fidel Castro, molded in the triumphant Revolution and its future of prosperity, democracy and independence.

Together with the Party and the Government, we go towards the consolidation of Socialism, as a channel for our objectives of social justice and the cult of the dignity of man.

We commemorate the deeds of the Moncada and enlighten the Apostle with the Commander in Chief, emblematic figures of the nation.

“When he seemed to die in the year of his centenary … when it seemed that his memory would be extinguished forever,” Fidel seized the star that Martí offered him to stand on the neocolonial yoke.

The permanent presence of Marti’s thought in the life and work of Fidel Castro synthesizes the work of the Revolution on its own.

The young people who assaulted the strongholds of the Batista dictatorship in the East zone of our country were united by Fidel. They shared the patriotic cult for the ideas of the Apostle, to the point that they were called the Centennial Generation on the anniversary of his birth. They brought “in the heart the doctrine of the Master.”

Tribute to Martí and Fidel ideologies, to men and women who, on July 26th,  1953, decided to change the opprobrious destiny of the Homeland and set it on the path of freedom.


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