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GENTE D´ZONA: The best in Music Now ¡

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 27 julio, 2018

Gente de Zona is the best urban gender group that exists nowadays at International level. The happiness that they place the name of Cuba at the top, defending a gender that has been very criticized and not very well composed by those who produce it like is the reggaeton, it´s the best gift we can receive.

An old saying says “All bygones by bygone”, but up to the moment I do not know someone which speaks about the ones that succeed and return home to thank and show proud due to his or her origins.

Who had the opportunity to assist the 26 of June to the Sport City in Havana, or the 28 of the same month to Varadero knows that there was not a moment within songs that   Alexander Delgado y Randy Malcom stop yelling: Thanks Cuba, thanks life for being born in Cuba!

Varadero just exploited when trumpets and trombones began to sound at 1:00 a.m. Top hits like Algo contigo, Si no vuelves or the most recent one Te duele, mixed with the themes that made Gente de Zona be one of Cuban’s favorites some years ago such as  El animal, La campaña or Le gustan los artistas.

There were also famous collaborations with international singer with themes such as  Bailando, La gozadera, He llorado or Nadie ha dicho, theme that they song  with the Italian Laura Pausini, who in spite of being in Havana could not be in Varadero.

There was not recess during the concert; they even said that they will sing as long as the audience wanted. Just the rain tore apart people’s plans when they began singing Más Macarena, as happened last year with this very song and in the same stage.

At first the rain was not an obstacle for Randy and Alexander; they began their presentation with more energy and the audience rose more their voices to chore the songs. There was an incredible atmosphere, none run to protect from the rain, the orchestra did not stop playing, the voices were stronger than the drops looked as if they were crashing against Varadero´s and the main characters (Gente de Zona) enjoyed the show the audience was giving them. Only when the rain became stronger the concert stopped.

The one and only thing that was not right were promotions giving by  Palmares that were promoting other artists presentations and just  Diana Fuentes accompanied the group on the stage to sing her song La vida me cambió.

Days, weeks, months will pass, other awards will come, more international successes for the group and the proud of our country will grow to see triumph this two men that show that vulgarity is not needed to compose a reggaeton and that this gender can be of people´s preference. Don´t ever doubt Gente D´Zona that when their tight schedule allow them to be in Cuba again their concerts will be full of people and love will be the of the night.

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