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A man who changed the history of Venezuela and Latin America.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 28 julio, 2018

Each country has in its history the imprint of great men. One of them saw Venezuela being born on July 28, 1954. Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, who would be 64 years old, was a man who became people and whose legacy changed the history of his country and of Latin America.

The humble and totally rural environment where he grew up was decisive in his future character and leadership. The values ​​learned during his childhood and adolescence favored his determination to become a career officer in the Army, from where he cultivated his Bolivarian ideals and deepened his love for the Homeland.

In this way, and from a very young age, Chavez began to dream and pave the way to see Venezuela as a sovereign and independent people, free of the forces of the oligarchy, and of European and American colonialism.

With the intelligence and strategic vision he demonstrated during his three presidential terms, Hugo Chávez won the admiration of the majority of his people and millions of people in the world.

The key was in the main social achievements of his government, expressed in the drastic reduction of illiteracy, the increase of university students of humble extraction, the expansion of public health coverage, the creation of markets throughout the country with articles at prices subsidized by the State and then the implementation of dissimilar programs to benefit people with fewer economic resources.


The great missions established by him, such as Misión Milagro, Barrio Adentro, Robinson, Ribas, Food, Che Guevara, Cultura Adentro, Madres del Barrio and Vivienda Venezuela, among many others, were transcendental works that dignified the brave Venezuelan people.

His populist influence transcended the borders of his country by propitiating the emergence in Latin America of a new batch of left-wing leaders, opposed like him to US interference and concerned about the most disadvantaged classes and indigenous minorities.

Five years have passed since his physical disappearance and the universal historical transcendence of the action and thought of the Supreme Commander and Venezuelan leader continues.

On his 64th birthday, in Cuba he is remembered as Fidel described him after his physical disappearance in 2013. The best friend our town has had. A man who squandered solidarity towards the Greater Antilles, other countries of the Caribbean and Latin America.  A leader who promoted the process of regional integration and managed to transcend his political work and consolidate strategies aimed at the empowerment of the peoples of the world.

Undoubtedly, Hugo Rafael Chávez is the greatest leader of the Venezuelan homeland after Bolívar, so his legacy today accompanies the permanent struggle and resistance of his countrymen. In Venezuela, Chavismo is more future than past and the people facing each adversity that they face glorifies their Supreme Commander: Chávez Live! The fighting continues.

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