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Know what you eat.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 28 julio, 2018

If a detail is important for health in these days of intense summer heat is the handling of food, especially those that are sold in the streets and beaches.

And I call attention because some people think that all times are the same and do not realize that products exposed directly to the sun, as seen in many places, are prone to faster decomposition. This is more relevant if we want the consumer protection law to work, which concerns both the state sector and the self-employed sector.

It is worth emphasizing that on many occasions it is assumed that those who prepare food are exclusively the operators of processing plants or cooks in restaurants or hotels, but the reality is that there are many people who contribute daily that the food we eat would be hygienic or not.

Professionals of the gastronomic and tourist industry in any of its modalities have before them the responsibility to respect and protect the health of consumers through good handling practices.

In addition to the illnesses they cause in people, foodborne diseases also detract from the prestige of the centers and those who work in them, which translates into a loss of confidence on the part of the client.

«Grow fame and lie down to sleep», as the grandmother would say. The important thing is that the consumer feels safe and satisfied with the products that he buys or ingests and above all that his health is not endangered, on the contrary, he takes care of himself and protects with an adequate innocuousness.







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