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Distinguished local project.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 30 julio, 2018

In Matanzas province there are 18 local projects, within them it is distinguished the factory that has to do with the rising production of ice cream cone substitutes importations and provide the domestic markets, explained Enrique Denis Martínez.

“The project began in august 2013, at that time we just produced 5 tons of sweets    and breads, today we make between 18 and 20 tons daily of each one, added Denis Martínez.

“One of the purpose it´s to build a new facility to increase productions and add others. The  ice cream cone machine is in a fixing process that will end between September and October.”

The factory provides cafeterias, commercial fairs and Varadero hotels with high quality products.

“Nowadays the factory has 4 lines of productions for pastry and bakery within are included productions such as muffling, breads and pizzas molds”, said the administration manager.

This factory constitutes a great source of employment in the municipality. Besides the media salary is between the 1100 and 1300 pesos a month.

This initiative is part of the local development of the province that bet for the exploitation of capacities and regional resources through self-actions- and participations of the doers of the actions.

Nowadays 18 projects like this one are developed in Matanzas. The great majority it is located in Matanzas municipality, although there are others in territories such as Martí, Colón, Jagüey Grande, Unión de Reyes, Cárdenas and Ciénaga de Zapata.

All of them are in progress but are distinguished the ones in the Palmar de Junco, the Ice cream cone factory and Maravillas de la Infancia.

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