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Baseball kisses in Barranquilla.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 31 julio, 2018

Kisses are an unparalleled demonstration of love, which according to science work like a drug and cause us different reactions: they do not let us sleep and even make us euphoric, Sheril Kirshenbaum acknowledges in his book The Science of Kissing.

Other specialists in this field, such as Valerie Reis, point out that kissing can help you reduce your blood pressure, end your headaches and burn some calories, and Andréa Demirjian, author of the book Kisses, indicates that it is a beautiful way to express and receive love and affection, in addition, kissing is not good only for your emotional heart, it also gives anatomical training. It offers many health benefits.

The ten types of kisses recognized by the site Little Things are called cheek, angel, piquito, with closed mouth, gentle, a lip, spiderman, French, bite and passionate.

I dare to assure that these different variants we have been able to appreciate mainly in the stands of Edgar Rentería Stadium, in Barranquilla, baseball headquarters and in other fields or fields that these days host the Central American and Caribbean Games.

Based on the theory of Dr. Demirjian that the kiss stimulates the hormones of happiness, the sports activities of these Games had an incalculable awakening of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin watered throughout the bleachers making the fans vibrate with enthusiasm.

Baseball kisses in the Edgar Rentería without taking into account the age of the couple, as a sign of affection, joy and satisfaction for a quality sports show, were completed with the hot beat of the cumbia or the ballenato and even the tasty  creole conga  that as part of the cultures of Colombia and Cuba, the installation was shaken in the last game of the contest.

We have enjoyed a great sports show these days with very active participation of the fans in the fields and fields, always with joy, discipline, initiatives and recognition to their athletes and visitors.

Although the Games have not yet finished, Barranquilla is already in history as a worthy venue for the oldest regional event recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Thanks Colombia. Baseball kisses for your town.

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