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The nobility of special donors.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 31 julio, 2018

The plasmapheresis program in the blood banks of the territory advances towards obtaining platelets for patients in the network of hospitals that require it. Those who volunteer this product are the so-called special donors, which systematically give life to those most in need.

This year we are working on the production of blood products, which implies an increase in plans, especially plasmapheresis, which contribute so much to the production of medicines. It is also planned to put into operation new plasma collection machines.

The role of the population is decisively influenced by the results of this program, since the voluntary nature of plasma donation requires the contribution and awareness of any person who is able to become a donor. Giving blood is an act of love.

Among the most well-known medicines obtained thanks to the plasma of the donations are the Albumin, the normal or specific Immunoglobulins, the Interferon, the Transfer Factor and others that if not produced in Cuba would have to be purchased at a price close to $ 300 per unit.

It works to raise the percentage of donations and create new donors that are integrated into the programs to ensure the health of our people.

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