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The Maga (ly) Bernal of Radio 26 (+ recording).

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 2 agosto, 2018

They say that anything can come out of Magaly’s briefcase: a Paracetamol if you’re in trouble, a banana, a peanut cone …, women’s customs with seven decades would say some, magician’s trade, I think, because with the same spell that “Invents them in the air” (the objects, not the lies), Magaly is able to create a voice from nowhere as if it had a wardrobe full of vocal cords and it was about opening the doors and choosing.

“Let’s see my little girl, tell me how you want this lady’s voice. Do you have advanced Alzheimer’s? What is your age? “And … Chas! Suddenly he starts talking just the way you needed to.

“How many pounds do you weight my dear?”, She asks me when I leave the recording studio and I presume that my thinness alarms her, then starts one of those stories that leaves me speechless: “At your age I was also skinny, but … “When I finish missing a few minutes of interview with this woman, I confess it and we always end up putting it off.

…..Interview on line.

A while ago, during lunch on the radio, I talked again about my intention  and with the same sincerity with which the morning temperature rises, she snapped: “But you want to do me a post-mortem work ?” That same afternoon she sat down in front of the microphone devoid of almost all her characters, Magaly then spoke of the Maga (ly) Bernal of Radio 26.

“I would say that I practically started by accident in the speech. In the ’70s I appeared as an actress and there were no seats so they suggested that I do the speech tests. Speak by a microphone?! Who imagined me in that world? But I made them and I remember that my baptism of fire was to animate a nightclub.

“If someday they asked me to choose a place in Matanzas, it would undoubtedly be  René Fraga park. I have so many memories there. One of them is the mobile track of Time A, when the radio was really the Radio of your heart, as our slogan says.

” Magaly believes that the phrase has too many “nooks and crannies” to be taken lightly. “The chronicle is read in a way, the commentary has its style, the information is a trotting horse, in short, each genre with its specificity. In addition, it constitutes a school of acting, you arrive one day and they say to you: – You are Jane, your husband died and now you married Peter – and you must go out to look for the soul of the character with miner’s trade.

“Girl breathes, pauses, take them out from underneath, always think that you do not speak to a microphone, but to someone’s ear.” When she leaves the studio she always offers her advice, like the teacher who at the end of the day stamps in blue ink on the sheet of the book the revised R.

Generations of actors have been formed with Magaly Bernal. “Very good people are being formed. When we reach a certain age we worry even more about the future instead of folding our arms and believing that it will not be ours. That’s something you do not think about when you’re 20 years old. I am happy with the relay; I think there is a new batch of talented people on Radio.

” She never cared about the challenge. She knows how to make a newscast, get out of a hurry in a live pass, María Candela in the countryside program, the voice of a child, a turtle, and the ant, sing …, interpret any character; Yes, currently if it is not with Reniel’s tablet, the sound producer, Magaly Bernal does not record The Phonograph. Move your finger to here, finger to there, the Maga with new technologies and the younger ones with the note printed on the paper.

We pause in the reading as seconds of silence.

You cannot talk about Magaly Bernal on Radio 26 and skip the name of Xiomara Fernández. “Together always”, as she says. They could have been the best pair of siblings if Xiomara had not advanced three years to be born and to be engendered in a different belly. Someone up there knew what she was doing, because this pair together in the womb …, who knows what future fool they were preparing.

They say that one day they requested a photo for the Radio credential, of course they all took a photo ID and Xiomara Fernandez then appeared with a picture of the fifteen hanging from a click on her blouse. As would Aurora Basnuevo, another great Radio: What a gentleman people, but what people! When the bonuses came together … there was the mischief.

Of course not everything was “relax”, we talked about two respectable actresses of Cuban Radio. “I learned to narrate with Xiomara Fernández, she was such an organic actress. On the street they still confuse us. When she lived, they called her Magaly and she answered, they still call me Xiomara and I have never corrected her, I enjoy in silence the virtue of her name. After the death of Xiomara Fernández, things have not returned to the way they were before.

” Sometimes I see La Maga on the stairs, she raises her face and she lets her shoulders fall, I know then that she has been long enough on the same step alone with her thoughts; I kiss her and ask her any questions, about the weather, the lunch, the shoes of Mexico, to save her from there. Thought allows you to remain alone with it just a prudential time, after this, to any place that leads you will be too prejudicial.

The Maga has worked 45 years in the same place, knows all the tricks, some already make her feel tired and others still make it a flame from head to toe.

Better to be heard and preferably, behind a microphone. Bring it here, adjusted in Arial 12 and with line spacing is not very reliable. Carrying out the interview took more time than usual and although it seems fictitious, the lines you are reading now were written months after writing the text almost completely, for not knowing how to close, lack of time, planning, but not of affection and respect.

Now, when I am about to write the final point, I wonder if in some secret way this other spell has not been, if perhaps it is a way of telling me that neither retirement nor grammatical signs are the end. As behind the ellipsis there is sometimes an uncomfortable void, forgetting a bit of the rules of the RAE, for the Maga (ly) Bernal of Radio 26 the blessed commas of an interminable action ,,,,,


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