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Magaly, a big artist.

Tamara Caridad Mesa González 3 agosto, 2018

Although there are so many things that I could reflect at this moment, I will not go into those phrases of well-deserved tribute because they are really tight, but the occasion leads me to stop a few minutes on this blank page and allude to a news that crosses the media of the country.

Is that jump with her a torrent of emotions that as a radio worker  I cannot stop feeling.

Knowing that Magaly is National Radio Prize, makes my words come together one after the other. How much could be said in this minute of the Bernal? How much has not been said already? But still you always have to stop at it and more when you talk about Radio in Matanzas and in Cuba.

I remember then the first time I saw her, I did not know whether to read or shut up. In that minute I do not know if I wanted to sit at the microphone or run away. I confess that they were always united, a feeling that remains until today, the respect of this mortal who writes and the fear for a woman who made the Radio his sanctuary and that from my little or no experience came to desecrate.

I do not know if at some point she realized  of my fears, but I know she understood my wishes very well. From that moment, she with total intelligence and mastery approached. Between words, jokes and the experience of the years (I will not go into how many), Magaly, today National Radio Award, revealed to me the elements of the phrase and the passion for the medium that enchanted her.

Since I heard the news, I look for Magaly Bernal in any corner of this city and I cannot find it. Her refuge is like that of the güijes. It hides and only appears in the clink of small things. Now I just have to sit and wait for the order to be given … RECORDING … That will be the trap that will make the characters empowered in his body jump in a kind of spell and that once and for all put before me the presence of this woman from Matanzas who one day decided to be an artist and since then she did it in a big way.

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